First Lines from the Classics of the Future by Inventive Impostors

By Clive Priddle, Editor
PublicAffairsMay 2009

Trade Paperback144 pages, $15.00, ISBN: 978-0786747818
Subject: Literature / Humor / Inspiration

 Contributors (Imposters) Book lovers from around the world have impersonated their favorite authors and submitted sequels. We thank them all for their enthusiastic support!

Clive Priddle is Executive Editor and VP of PublicAffairs. Clive Priddle was until May 2003 publishing director of Fourth Estate, a division of HarperCollins. Since joining PublicAffairs, the authors he has edited include Linda Robinson, Natan Sharansky, Kishore Mahbubani, John Kerry, David Rothkopf, Richard Haass, and Muhammad Yunus. He worked for Fourth Estate in the UK since 1992, where among the authors he acquired were Sebastian Junger, Laura Hillenbrand, David Ewing Duncan, James Naughtie, Francis Wheen, Geraldine Brooks, Oliver Morton, Eric Larson, and Michela Wrong. He previously worked for four years at Penguin UK. He won the Tony Godwin award in 2001. Born in London, a graduate of Cambridge University, Clive lives with his wife and two sons in northern Manhattan.

Geoffrey Nunberg is a linguist who teaches at the University of California at Berkeley and is the former chair of the American Heritage Dictionary's Usage Panel. His commentaries on language and politics have appeared regularly in the Sunday New York Times and on NPR's "Fresh Air." A winner of the Linguistic Society of America's Language and the Public Interest Award in 2001 and the author of Going Nucular, Talking Right, and The Way We Talk Now, and – most recently – The Years of Talking Dangerously. Nunberg lives in San Francisco, California.




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