By Shobhan Bantwal
KensingtonJuly 2011

Trade Paperback352 pages, $15.00, ISBN: 978-0758258847
Subject: Relationships / Culture & World Issues / Women's Lives

  1. Despite having a supportive family and a healthy childhood, why is Soorya Giri an unhappy woman? 

  2. After multiple rejections, Soorya finally meets a dream of a man, and yet she can't trust him. What are her reasons for such distrust?

  3. What role does Soorya's father play in her life? Discuss the positives and negatives of having a parent who is neither good-looking nor charismatic and yet highly successful. 

  4. Are Roger's casual, laid-back ways merely a façade to cover up deeper personality issues?  

  5. Discuss Soorya's relationship with Lou Draper. What does Lou bring to her life and to the story? Discuss the pros and cons of a potential relationship between them.  

  6. Soorya's mother is a submissive and old-fashioned Indian woman. Is there a hidden core of steel within her? If so, how does it affect Soorya?   

  7. Discuss the conflicting effects of Indian and American cultures on Soorya's personal and professional life.  

  8. After admitting to herself that she's falling in love with Roger, Soorya continues to resist him and her own instincts. Why is she determined to keep him at arm's length? 

  9. Do any of the characters in the book remind you of someone you know? If yes, which character and in what way?

  10. Discuss the role of Roger's family in the story. How does each member enhance the plot? 

  11. Originally, this story was titled  A Twist of Karma. Do you believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason? That Soorya and Roger were meant to be together? 

  12. As the family matriarch, what kind of impact does Pamma, the grandmother, have on Soorya's values?




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