By Tom Franklin
William MorrowMay 2011

Trade Paperback304 pages, $14.99, ISBN: 9780060594671
Subject: Mystery / Social Issues / Relationships

"It's the perfect blend of great writing and really great suspense. It's my favorite combo of things in a book. There are lots of twists and turns and surprises."—John Searles on Weekend

"Though not in essence a mystery or a thriller, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter possesses surprising twists and turns as Franklin reveals more background and history slowly, almost quietly. It's a beautifully written, haunting and at times acutely painful story about race, class and friendship set in a rural Southern town built on the memories of crimes and other abuses of past generations."—Associated Press

"There is no greater joy than when an author whom you've long admired produces his or her best work to date. . . . I'm back in that state of wondrous reading pleasure thanks to a new, years-in-the-making novel by Tom Franklin."—Los Angeles Times

"The incantatory title of Tom Franklin's terrific new novel comes from the way children in the South are taught to spell Mississippi: 'M-I crooked letter crooked letter I crooked letter crooked letter I humpback humpback I.' But letters aren't the only thing twisted in the rural town of Chabot, Miss., where this story of long-delayed repercussions and revelations takes place. Franklin, an Edgar-winning writer of atmospheric tales, deserves an audience to match the praise he's attracted for Poachers, Hell at the Breech, and Smonk. If you're looking for a smart, thoughtful novel that sinks deep into a Southern hamlet of the American psyche, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter is your next book."—Washington Post




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