By Maryanne O'Hara
PenguinApril 2013

Trade Paperback384 pages, $16.00, ISBN: 9780143123514
Subject: History / Art / Personal Challenges

Cascade unfolds like a Shakespearean tragedy, with an ending you won’t see coming…The novel becomes something that you can’t take your eyes from or stop thinking about in wonder.”Caroline Leavitt, The Boston Globe

“Gorgeously written and involving, Cascade explores the age-old conflict between a woman’s perceived duty and her deepest desires, but in O’Hara’s skilled hands the struggle feels fresh and new.”People 

“I stayed up very late into the night to finish Cascade, captivated by Dez Hart, a woman torn between competing loyalties:  her marriage and her freedom, her sense of responsibility and her desire to live an artist’s fiercely disciplined and passionate life.  Past and place come alive in this book; these characters are richly drawn and complexly human.  Compelling and fascinating, the story unfolds in such unexpected ways, and with such gathering tension, that I couldn’t stop until I’d read the final, beautifully written, line.”Kim Edwards, New York Times bestselling author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and Lake of Dreams

“Maryanne O'Hara weaves as intricate, as theatrical, and as tempestuous a plot as deftly as Prospero. Through the eyes of an artist yearning for a larger life-canvas but constrained by a humdrum marriage in a town careening toward destruction, we see the failings of men and women in their tangled relationships, each member of the cast struggling to find a fulfilling life. Save the town! Save the Shakespearean theater! Save our dreams, we cry out with the players.”Susan Vreeland, New York Times bestselling author of Girl in Hyacinth Blue and Clara and Mr. Tiffany




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