1,000 RECORDINGS TO HEAR BEFORE YOU DIE: A Listener's Life Guide

By Tom Moon
Workman Publishing CompanyAugust 2008

Paperback992 pages, $19.95, ISBN: 978-0-7611-3963-8
Subject: Music / Inspiration / History

"A sample of albums to buy before you croak…Your ears, and iTunes, will thank you."
—Entertainment Weekly

"Music critic and "All Things Considered" contributor Moon spent three years on his glorious list. He covers seemingly everything from ABBA to ZZ Top (but sorry, Billy Joel fans - "Very '70s, and not in a good way," Moon explains). And thankfully, it's not just rock. Janis Joplin shares space with Scott Joplin, Cole Porter with Portishead. It's sure to spark heated conversation among music maniacs." —The New York Post

"Moon is informative without being didactic, descriptive without resorting to cliché. He can write with authority about the Renaissance motets of Josquin Desprez, the live performances of Sonny Rollins, or a 2008 release from the Mars Volta. ... Tom Moon is No. 1 with a bullet."—Daniel Okrent, Fortune Magazine

"No matter what shape your listening habits are in, 1,000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die will increase the heartbeat as you inhabit these pages. It's like visiting the best record store in the world, one where all the great music is available. The book's subtitle, "A Listener's Life List" says it all. Tom Moon has given us the good fortune to tap his soul and find out where to go next, and that is greatest gift of all." —Sonicboomers.com




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